Tomato Basil Seasonal Pizza is Back!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect pizza marriage would be?  tomato basil

You’ll finally know the answer once you’ve had our Seasonal Only, Specialty Tomato & Basil Pizza.

The wait can almost feel like forever, but our Berkshire favorite is finally back in season! Hot Tomatoes is excited to announce that our Tomato Basil Specialty Pizza is now available in both shops for order.

What could be better than a pizza covered in a generous layer of fresh, delicious sliced tomatoes from local farms?  Ensuring top quality and flavor, these beautiful tomatoes combine with rich mozzarella, asiago cheese, and fresh chopped basil to create a perfect harmony of ingredients.

This satisfying specialty pie is only available in late July through the month of August, so order yours today and enjoy them while they last!


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