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Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

-Bishoy H.

One of the best pizzas I ever had. The gelato is great as well.   Was worth the trip!

-Nitsat E.

Love their pizza crispy crust and the sauce is gooood. Wings are good and crispy too.


Best pizza I have ever eaten period EVER!!!!!!!! It’s not even close!

-Matt N.

Always the best! This needs to be on your list of places to eat if your in the area.

-Kyle H.

Best pizza in town and it’s not even close. Wings are awesome with the house made blue cheese.

-Jon H.

Best around!!

-Brent C.

Always happy with pizza, sandwiches, and of course gelato!! Friendly staff and very clean restaurant.

-Tina B.

Best Wings Ever.

-W DeFino

Best pizza in town, great wings, and awesome cannoli and gelato.

-Helena H.

Great food, great staff.

-Zachary Y.

Greatest pizza & gelato in town! Clean, fast service.

-Jess R.

Primo Pesto Panini on Asiago bread. You’re welcome.

-Matthew T.

Best hot sausage thin crust pie!

-Zeke L.

I always have good experiences here. Tonight the employees were so amazing with their customer service I’m not even waiting til I’m done eating to post this!!! Great Job guys!!!

-Google+ User

It’s a bit shocking to find really amazing pizza in the middle of the Berkshires, but that’s what this place makes: really amazing pizza. I’ve lived in New York and now I’m in New Haven (which is a pizza-obsessed town that has pizza consistently voted as the country’s best) and yet a lot of the pizzerias in these pizza-centric places don’t hold a candle to Hot Tomatoes. Truly, it’s that good.

I used to live around the Williamstown area a few years back and this was always my go-to pizza place. I just returned for a day trip and headed straight here for lunch – not a thing has changed. It is still excellent. Even better is ordering your pizza and taking it out back (weather permitting) to one of the picnic tables. The scenery is really lovely, especially in the fall, which is something most pizza places can’t offer. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in the area.

-Liz L.

The BEST gluten free pizza in northern Berkshire! I am addicted to their Tex Mex pizza…so good.

-Stephanie B.

Yummy Pizza at a Gorgeous Location! My family ordered a pizza for three people to share and ate the whole thing in one sitting! The restaurant offers picnic table seating behind the restaurant right beside the beautiful Green River. I would eat here again!

-TripAdvisor User

Went there tonight with the family. I ordered the La Roma panini; tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and balsamic vinaigrette; delicious! The hand cut.fries were very good; the panini came with a nice salad. The kids loved the wings, and my.boyfriend really enjoyed his panini, as well. They looked like they were doing a lot of deliveries; worth the visit

-Sarah L.

Awesome speciality pizzas!

-Andrew G.

Mmmm good food. Creative options and good customer service.

-Kat M.

Nothing beats the pizza like Hot Tomatoes! Everything is fresh and the crust is amazing. I won’t go anywhere else!

-TripAdvisor User

Ok this place has the best pizza I have ever had in my life. We had the meat lovers pizza which was cooked perfectly, the crust was nice and crunchy and it was super meaty which my boyfriend especially loved. They have seating outdoors, picnic table style and don’t serve slices late in the day but we easily downed a medium pizza. Portions were generous, but not overwhelming.  Im from New York but will definitely be returning here next time I’m in Williamstown (or if less than 2 hours away as its definitely worth the drive).

-Lisa A.

Awesome specialty pizzas!

-Andrew G.

Delicious pizza and a fantastic view out back.

-Ryan M.

Always, fresh ingredients and the crust tastes likes homemade bread dough. Create your own or, try one of many interesting options for pizza on their menu. Stop in for a slice anytime, take a pizza home or, use their delivery service. They offer 2 locations. Pittsfield & Williamstown. The customer service is always, great. Very friendly and helpful.

-TripAdvisor User

I just love this pizza. Its like one of my favorites from New York City. They even make a sublime Gelato.

-TripAdvisor User

Great pizza here. Delicious both for the basics, and adventurous options like the chicken pesto and tortellini white pie.


It’s clearly one of  the best in the Berkshires!!! To die for pizza!

-Sandra M.

Their pizza is awesome!  Pizza crust was not too thin, and it was just right amount of thickness.  All of the ingredients tasted fresh.  I will go back again when I am in town.


Great pizza! We got pepperoni and roasted garlic pizza with garlic mayo dip with fries. The mayo dip just has garlic in it, which is simple yet delicious. The delivery was pretty fast and the quality of the food was perfect! I love the chunks of tomato on the pizza instead of just the pizza sauce. It gives the pizza a lot more texture which is always a plus in my book! Will order from here more often!

-Alyssa R.

Good food, fast delivery, paninis are delicious. The turkey terrific one was really good. The gelato as well as the canollis are also good. Zero complaints.

-Rob M.

I used to stop here a few times a month coming from hockey games in North Adams. As a pizza lover not many shops get a 5 star review from me but this is one of the exceptions. If I am not mistaken I believe I was told once that this particular location uses a bakery oven opposed to a pizza oven which I guess heats the pizza different and gives it a unique taste. Great foldable slices. The sauce is probably the best part you can tell it is truly homemade by the small tomato chunks in it. A great college town pizza shop.

-Chris T.

Hot Tomatoes is pretty much a staple on campus and for good reasons–the pizza is delicious and pretty affordable (it’s only a few more bucks than Dominoes which is another campus fave). If you’re looking for a solid thin crust pizza topped with fresh ingredients and an amazing chunky tomato sauce, definitely check this place out.

-Michella O.

OMG the pizza was amazing. Like out of this world amazing! The pizza was crispy on the outside & chewy on the inside. And asiago cheese instead of parm cheese! Heaven!

-Raychael C.

Pizza is really really good love the sauce the cheese and the gelato is great. Favorite place, always get a great slice of pizza.

-Katy L.

A high quality pizza and friendly staff.

-James L.

Girl Scout Samoas Cookie Gelato. Probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten. No lie.

Monica M.

Pizza is really really good love the sauce the cheese and the gelato is great. Favorite place always get a great slice of pizza at this place.

-Katy L.

The BEST gluten free pizza in Northern Berkshire! I am addicted to their Tex Mex pizza…so good.

Stephanie B.

The pizza was some of the best we’ve ever had in the many places we’ve visited. If you’re looking for pizza, look no further.

-Jameson J.

Love this pizza establishment! Reminds me of a Boston North End pizza place.  Pizza is amazingly tasty, chicken tenders are excellent.

-Steve M.

I am from Queens, NY and currently live in NJ, both known for the best pizza in the world. Hot Tomatoes is up there with the best of them and would kill to have one here by me. Every time I visit the Berkshires Hot T’s is a must. When I lived in Pittsfield and my family from NYC would visit, they first thing they would ask is “what night are we having Hot Tomatoes” The pizza is very unique, not like anything else you can get in the area. They offer a tremendous amount of fresh toppings that are prepped daily. The combination of the thin crust and homemade sauce are to die for. If you are not in the mood for pizza they offer a variety of fresh made paninis. Do not forget the HOMEMADE gelato, made there on site. I cannot go back to regular ice cream. They offer so many flavors including girl scout cookie flavors, some of your favorite candy bars, it is impossible to choose. If you cannot have milk, they offer a number of dairy free options that are to die for. Not only will you get great food, but you will mostly likely meet a member of the family that owns the business. They are very personable and make sure your experience is a great one. They go well beyond the norm to make sure you leave satisfied.

-Anthony B.

I woke up this morning at home in Seattle, wishing I was in Williamstown again so that I could order Hot Tomatoes pizza for lunch.

Best pizza in town? Best pizza in America. Way to go, John!

-Nick Q.

The pizza is delicious and the employees are really friendly. The veggie pizza here is really special: it is loaded with finely chopped broccoli, onions, and other fresh ingredients. I love the really thin crust too. Looking forward to trying some of the specialty toppings soon!

-Rachel F.

The Williamstown Hot Tomatoes is easily one of the best pizzas in the entire county.  No indoor seating, but they have picnic tables by the river out back which makes it one of the best places to eat pizza in the summertime.

Their pizza features a thin crust with all fresh ingredients and sliced tomatoes in place of sauce.  They also have some things that are not common on pizza, like clams and goat cheese.  I highly recommend the tomato basil pizza in the summertime, which features fresh tomatoes and basil from local farms.  The tex mex, cattleman, buffalo pizza and clam casino are other favorites of mine but no matter what you choose they’re all good.

They also have excellent wings, paninis and gelato.

-Dean S.

Truly the best most flavorful pizza around! Loved it as a kid and still love it now! And the staff is friendly and always accommodating 🙂 you never disappoint me!

-Krystal M.

Best pizza ever!  Even the cheese pizza is delicious!  They also make their own gelato – SO GOOD!

-Brian G.

Achingly good pizza. Melt in your mouth tender chewy dough with a touch of crisp burnt goodness.

-Eli M.

That pizza was sooooooo worth the wait! The crust was unlike any pizza I have ever had-very light, crispy but soft and chewy as well. The toppings tasted extremely fresh and the flavors were just amazing and delicious. Truly one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten in our lives. It was so good that we finished it in one sitting and I was seriously considering ordering another one. We decided on the homemade gelato instead. Yeah, that’s right; homemade gelato. Sinful. We savored the creamy, luscious confection as we walked back to our car feeling delightfully satisfied in a way that few things can compare. We were so wonderfully surprised by this little gem that we will go out of our way to come back here. It cannot be too soon!

-Brett O.

Ever since moving to the Williamstown area, I was told that Hot Tomatoes is where to go for pizza. So when I needed food for a movie-watching extravaganza, I gave them a call. You can also order online, which I really appreciate because sometimes I do not want to interact with people. The person I spoke with on the phone was perfectly nice, though, so no need to avoid them and use the internet unless you’re feeling particularly cranky 😉

I was feeding a wide variety of palates so I got a plain cheese pizza, a veggie pizza, and pepperoni. I ate the veggie pizza and it was excellent – nice thin, crispy crust, good sauce, appropriate cheese to pizza ratio, generous toppings. I didn’t get to try the cheese or the pepperoni, so I’m assuming they were good too! The size is right for the price.

Service was really prompt and friendly. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again, either for gatherings like this one or just for me eating by my lonesome.

-Laura S.

Vast selection of pizzas and toppings, along with paninis, crepes, salads, and fresh cut fries.  We were in a pizza mood, so we went with a half cheese/half hamburger (to satisfy the kids’ cravings) and an artichoke and mushroom one, along with a Caesar salad.  The kids waited down by the creek for the 15-20 minutes it took for the pizzas to be done.  The staff were very friendly.  The pizzas came out, smelling great, and down to the picnic table by the creek we went.

The pizzas were excellent: great crust (just a tiny bit too done for my wife’s taste on one corner, but I thought it was perfect – thin, just crunchy on the bottom but still some toothsomeness that showed that they knew how to make a dough correctly), loved the chunky fresh tasting tomato sauce, cheese was delicious, and the toppings were both fresh and generous.  The Caesar salad was very solid, tasty house made dressing, and had a nice touch of some bits of roasted red peppers for interest among the very fresh Romaine. Combined with the setting, it was a great lunch.

-Brian B.

I am typing this on my iPhone with greasy fingers after having eaten 2 slices, as I rest before eating my 3rd.  Really fresh ingredients. Great cheese. Awesome thin, chewy crust. Oh – and delivery was fast and friendly. We’re on night one of a week-long rental, and it’s not inconceivable that we’ll order from Hot Tomatoes 4 or 5 more times. (I just read this to my wife, and she nodded enthusiastically, while chewing, and said “that’s great.  Here’s some more.”)  (btw, gonna have to bike a few more miles tomorrow to make up for the 3rd slice….oops, i mean 4th slice.)

-Jason K.

Best pizza we’ve found in the area. I can not wait to try the summer special; tomato, basil, moz all from local farms!

-Elizabeth P.

This pizza ROCKS.

I’ve lived in NYC for the last ten years and so I am pretty particular about my pizza. I’ve come to believe that there is New York Pizza and then there is the rest of the universe’s pathetic attempt to offer something on par. So that’s just full disclosure on what I usually prefer.

That said, Hot Tomatoes is amazing pizza. Located in the sleepy little town of Williamstown, MA is this hidden gem along the Green River. (I think it’s called the Green River. Whatever it’s called, it’s right in back of the place with five picnic tables to enjoy the pizza as it bubbles past.)
The pizza is large and has a thin, chewy/crispy combo crust. You bite in and there is a crispy crack and then it takes an extra bite to pull it apart. So….it’s kind of both. The tomato sauce has fresh little bits of tomato in it. There is minced garlic, oregano, and pepper already in the sauce giving it a rich, hearty and tasty base. You could easily just order a basic cheese pizza and be completely happy.  Then the other ingredients are super fresh and tasty. I’ve had sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, and their clams casino (tons of fresh clams, red peppers, and bacon!!) pizzas. They have all been fantastic.

If you’re in Williamstown for any reason, set aside an hour to sit by the green river, crack a bottle of wine, and devour one of the best pizzas of your life.

-Carson E.

We were on vacation there for a few days and ordered take out!! So good plain to with everything on it! Wish we did not live so far or we could easily become a regular there! Highly recommend you giving this place a try..

Always satisfied with my wings and pizza!

-Sean A.